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Wheeling Equipment:

  • DayStar - Winch Isolator (KU70039BK)
  • DayStar - Extended Bump Stops (KJ09120BK & KJ09121BK)

Wheeling Equipment(Jeep Specific):

  • GenRight - YJ Corner Guards, Shorty set (CNR4001)

Camping Equipment:

  • JP Cooler - 56qt. Soft Sided Cooler
  • Coleman - 56qt. Cooler from Walmart

Communications & Navigation Equipment:

  • Yaesu - HAM Radio (FT-8800R)
  • GARMIN - Handheld GPS (E-Trex)

Vendors, Suppliers and Sales:

  • Hunter's 11th Annual X-mas BBQ - 12/05/09 - Meet & Greet, Tempe, AZ.

Services Rendered:

  • Absolute Offroad - Driveline Inspection, Phoenix, AZ.

Campgrounds and Places to stay:

  • Peppersauce Campground - 11/26/09 - Southern Run, Tempe, AZ.

Clubs and Expedition Groups:

  • Off-Road Passport - Camping/Wheeling/Hiking
  • JEEP EXPEDITIONS - Expedition Style Adventure