Jeeps Overland was created by a group of friends that wanted more of a variety of runs & events from a club. These friends have been members, and still are, of several other jeep clubs and expedition groups. While they enjoy the long trips they take in groups like Off-Road Passport, Jeep Expeditions or the short runs of the Virtual Jeep Club, they found themselves always travelling together in the pack. On a expedition style run to Sedona, Arizona this led to camping together and finding out they shared similar interests. This group named themselves the FAB-5 originally as a joke because they were always together on the trail. Not always able to go on the excellent trips provided by the expedition groups or some of the harder trails that their friends participated around the valley, they decided to start running runs that they could manage on their schedules.

A year down the road these friends started receiving requests from other friends to join them on their trips. Then they tossed around the idea to make an informal club. They envisioned a club free of religion and politics so they may focus on what they love the most, the outdoors. After an expedition in Flagstaff, Arizona in 2008 they started their endeavor. They formed an informal club in August of 2008, but during planning of the club the members wanted more. They agreed to postpone their adventure of launching a club until they decided what they wanted and the focus of the club. August of 2009 was their first run as Jeeps Overland as they accompanied Off-Road Passport to Flagstaff again for a run at 'The Cinders.'

This club was not created to replace others out there, many of the members are still active members in other clubs. In fact, we encourage partnerships with other like minded groups and for our members to post their experiences with those groups. We believe it makes our group richer and may open some new ventures. In the future Jeeps Overland would like to join the ASA4WD, AZOHV and other organizations the fight to keep access to "Public Lands."

All content, images and artwork Copyright of JEEPSOVERLAND 2009.